Your Reception

The best parties are with the best people

Now you’re officially’s time to celebrate! Family & friends gather, champagne corks pop and the romance begins. For your chosen room, friendly staff offer delectable canapès under the towering Jacaranda tree, along the grand front verhanda or in The Champagne Bar. Their attentive and discreet service will then take care of everything, personally ushering guests, pouring drinks and taking menu orders at the table. From the time you are announced as husband and wife, to the wedding speeches & toasts, and first dance, you’ll feel completely at home knowing you have the freedom and confidence to relax and soak in the happiness with family and friends at your Ayers House reception.

Your Memories

You choose how you want to spend your wedding, a relaxed dinner with family and friends may be your ideal or time honoured traditions may be your match, or more of a mingling cocktail affair, it’s your’s your day. During the planning process we work with you creating your vision, and then, on the day, you leave it up to us knowing it will all run smoothly while you are celebrating!

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